• You’re the best! I got a sample in this month’s glossybox. I am super satisfied. I have thin hair and want volume. I really got that with your product.Woman 22 years
  • Hi! totally forgot to tell you that my daughter also tried the product, with the same result as for me! WOW, we’ll be your ambassadors.Woman 55 years/daughter 30 years
  • Dear M. I need more powder urgently. I tried in vain to get hold of you. Remember that you always may lively up my hair. Hugs.Woman 78 years, Norway
  • I started dyeing my grey hair dark many years ago and have had big problems with my outgrowth, that starts to show within just a couple of days. This is easily concealed with Viviere, and it lasts long. I use Viviere between my hair dying appointments. Super easy and a great quick fix!Woman 42 years
  • Hi! Everything all right? Just want you to know I’m insanely pleased with the fibre!Man 28 years
  • Hi! Have to say I’m surprised! The product is really good and I saw the difference clearly :) ThanksMan 25 years
  • To be completely honest I didn’t have any higher expectations, but oh my god, what a result.Man 55 years
  • I started losing my hair early but have later had the fortune to keep quite much of it. This product is perfect to ’conceal’ thinner parts. Thank you!Man 38 years