Using VIVIERE VOLUME FIBRE is quick and easy – in just 30 seconds you get four times thicker hair. The small cotton fibres are charged with static electricity and therefore attach directly onto your hairs. This way your hair gets more volume and you can effectively mask your outgrowth.

Wash and dry your hair thoroughly before applying VIVIERE VOLUME FIBRE. Distribute the fibres until you reach the desired result.


Work through the fibres properly using your hands. Distribute them carefully to optimize the electrostatic energy.


Use the VIVIERE MIRROR to make sure you have distributed the fibres evenly without missing any thin spots.


To further attach the fibres, apply VIVIERE BOOSTING SPRAY the same way you spray your hair with ordinary hairspray.


This video is mainly produced for us to use when visiting customers to show in an easy way how the product works. We have received lots of positive feedback on the film and have therefore chosen to post it online, even though it is not of the highest quality. You can clearly see the change coming and what results the product gives. N.B.! You do not need any help to apply the product, it is easy to do on your own. We recommend our customers to use the mirror to make sure that the fibres are applied in the back and that they are evenly distributed. This person uses the colour ’light brown’.