Frequently asked questions

There is more in your can than in that of other brands?

We have chosen to have 22 grammes in our product. If you compare the price per gramme, ours is among the best prices on the market. Another reason is that you can use the product daily for a couple of months before having to order a new one. In the unlikely event that you do not like the product, send it back and we will refund you. This offer is valid for 30 days from the purchase date.

Can I buy the fibre separately?

Yes, since the spray often lasts longer than the fibre, you can order the fibre separately.

What is Viviere hair fibres?

VIVIERE hair fibres are fibres produced from cotton with natural dyes. The fibre is closed around each hair and increases its density up to four times. There are ten different colours to choose from.

Will Viviere hair fibres affect my natural hair growth?

No, it has no effect on your natural hair growth.

Will the fibres stay in my hair?

Yes. We recommend that you use VIVIERE BOOSTING SPRAY to lock in the fibres. Apply the fibres to dry hair!

Can I use, for example, wax or hairspray after applying the fibres?

Absolutely. Apply the wax before you apply the fibre, then lock in the result using VIVIERE BOOSTING SPRAY.

How long will a 22 gramme can of Viviere last?

On average, it lasts for 45 – 60 days depending on how much you use.

Does the dye in the fibres come off?

No. The fibres are easy to brush off if they should fall onto your clothes or skin.

Are Viviere hair fibres easy to wash out?

Yes, this is done with regular shampoo, just like a regular hair wash.

Can I work out with Viviere hair fibres?

Yes. For a result as durable as possible, so that you can work out or be outdoors in rain and wind, we recommend always using Viviere Boosting Spray after applying the hair fibres.

Do blond fibres conceal dark outgrowth?

It is difficult to completely conceal dark outgrowth with fair fibres, but you will mask the dark parts against the blond so that the outgrowth will be less visible.

Can I use the product if I’m completely bald and lack hair entirely?

If you are completely bald and have no hair at all, the product will not work. It needs hairs to attach to in order to give an optimal result. We can however recommend you to try the treatment Hair Touch, read more here.